Stephen Hawking gives the Waterman Butterfly Map
the proverbial thumbs up

from left to right: Ben Bowie, Stephen Hawking, Peter (Stephen's nurse) and the Waterman Butterfly Map

In late January 2014, I received an order for 2 maps from Ben Bowie. I readied the package for mailing but before sending it off; I decided to check the internet to see if I could find out any more about him. To my surprise, there was a Ben Bowie that was the executive producer of a 2013 movie called "Hawking" about the world famous physicist Stephen Hawking.

I wrote back to Ben and asked if he was the same Ben Bowie involved in the movie. In addition to verifying that he was, he mentioned that Stephen liked maps and that if I would send him one, he would bring it to Stephen. I was of course thrilled to do so and hoping that Stephen would like the map projection. When Ben received the map he was able to bring it directly to Stephen, who, according to Ben really liked the map. In addition, Ben unexpectedly sent along the picture shown above.