Waterman polyhedra software collaborations
    polyhedra applet software by Mark Newbold [ over 20,000 different Waterman polyhedra with no inventory required ]
    Great Stella software by Rob Webb [ even draws exact pieces for constructions ]
    Wolfram's MathWorld first few basic Waterman polyhedra
    MathWorks software routine by Mirek Majewski.
    Maurice Starck's - page with CCP graphics
                              Starck's - pages with numerous inter-related grids
    Paul Bourke's - pages on-line generator for waterman sphere clusters and polyhedra
    Antiprism - free software by Adrian Rossiter     Waterman software plus much much more
    Benedictine Monk Magnus Wenninger    
                some hand-made stellations of duals
of Waterman polyhedron by Magnus Wenniger
    ccp sphere based packs - aka fcc aka Waterman clusters
    Wikipedia Waterman polyhedron
    cubic close packing
    You Yube   1   2   3

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