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2012 - New satellite imagery
both Atlantic centered and Pacific centered posters available at several size options.


satellite imagery for Waterman 2012 posters by globe maker Joe Roubal

Waterman Cartography

    Wikipedia Waterman butterfly projection
    Waterman World map original poem with comparisons to other map projections
    2d projections - maps projected onto several Waterman polyhedra
    3d projections - globe projected onto various Waterman polyhedra
    new real time wind and temperature patterns on several projections by Cameron Beccario click on "Earth" then "WB" to get Waterman Butterfly projection
    new Solar termination patterns on Waterman by Mike Bostock
    new "Metamorhology" lithograph by Amanda Johnson
    new first 4 books of Science Fiction series by Studio Dongo with book covers by Steve Cauffman
       Inherit The Sea   The City That Traveled The World   Rounding The Horn   Homecoming  
    xkcd comic projections by Randall Munroe
    new interactive Tissot of Waterman projection by Jason Davies

Waterman Physics

Mathematical logic of the Galilean equation x' = x-vt challenged...
where x = distance and (x,y,z) = a point
Given Cartesian coordinate system S(x,y,z),
the abscissa x mathematically means the lineal distance along the x axis from S(0,0,0) to S(x,0,0).
Given Cartesian coordinate system S'(x',y',z'),
the abscissa x' mathematically means the lineal distance along the x' axis from S'(0,0,0) to S'(x',0,0)
Given that the abscissa x of S equals the abscissa x' of S'; [x' = x] when both systems are coincident, then it is true,
that should either system be moved from that coincidence a distance equal to vt,
that the abscissa of S = abscissa of S'; [x' = x],
therefore [the Galilean transformation equation abscissa of x' = abscissa of x -vt is incorrect]. Noting too that S'(x',y',z') = S(x-vt,y,z) is true.

WHAT IF coordinates ARE fixed?
    math versus physical
    fixed point space
    fixed interval time

WHAT IF matter IS solely composed of "unit/fixed" spheres of equal size and equal mass?
    fixed quanta mass

WHAT IF photons ARE clusters of unit spheres?
    fixed wavelength light

     17 postulates [ time, space, light, mass ]

     establishing a reference system

     my challenge to the mathematics of Relativity    [ 2 xkcd threads combined totals of over 6000 posts and 200,000 views from July 2012 ]

     This applet among several applets written during the thread by Robert Schroll employs my intersection algorithms to determine
        THE transmission site-and-time when applying a universal time approach.
        I am postulating that this approach could manifest BOTH the simultaneous location AND the momentum of a particle.

     FTL Effect

    11 million mile tall dancer

    original poems sparked by xkcd comics      chess photo     a bunch of rocks     purity

    My Physics constants derivation from 4 math consants
        ... over 1000 equations that use my derived values ( results are in alphabetical order )

    How I was lead to challenge currently accepted physical constant values

Waterman polyhedra software collaborations
    polyhedra applet software by Mark Newbold [ over 20,000 different Waterman polyhedra with no inventory required ]
    Great Stella software by Rob Webb [ even draws exact pieces for constructions ]
    Wolfram's MathWorld first few basic Waterman polyhedra
    MathWorks software routine by Mirek Majewski.
    Maurice Starck's - pages with various graphics
     Paul Bourke's - pages on-line generator for waterman sphere clusters and polyhedra
    Antiprism - free software by Adrian Rossiter     Waterman software plus much much more
    Benedictine Monk Magnus Wenninger    some hand-made stellations of duals of Waterman polyhedron by Magnus Wenniger
    ccp sphere based packs - aka fcc aka Waterman clusters
    Wikipedia Waterman polyhedron
    cubic close packing
    You Yube   1   2   3

     well known polyhedra
Waterman Polyhedra    made from the mathematics of various "all space covering" packing arrangements  
 ...all depictions able to be rotated in 3-d

     body-centered cubic
     cuboctahedron and octahedron
     face-centered cubic
     rhombic dodecahedra
     simple cubic
     truncated octahedron
     truncated tetrahedron and tetrahedron
     truncated tetrahedron and truncated octahedron and cuboctahedron

Other math stuff
    71 diamond-regulars
    Ramsey predictions

    a few original poems